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sevenzonedesignRestaurant interior design ideas for For Maximum Customer Satisfaction

Today, Interior design has to be more funky, trendy, and inspiring for the customers. People love to socialize in restaurants and also talk about their experiences. Different companies designing these restaurants are trying to impress the customers but sometimes it ends-up making them instead of attracting them. Hospitality industry is very big in terms of customer satisfaction. The big players in this industry want to create a unique image through interior design of their restaurant while aiming at the target customer satisfaction level.

The Art of Restaurant Interior Design

If you are in the hospitality industry, then you will know the importance of restaurant interior design. It is not just about making your restaurant look beautiful and giving it a unique identity, but it can also help you create a profitable business. As every customer that walks through your doors is a potential sale, it is important to provide them with the best experience possible and make sure they return again. By taking this approach to your restaurant interior design, you will ensure that your profits keep rolling in. Good restaurant interior designers Dubai will be able to create a unique look for your restaurant which will reflect its style and cuisine as well as make it comfortable for your guests.

Abstract the theme of the restaurant and build it accordingly

This will help customers to better relate to the restaurant. For example if the theme of your restaurant is Italian, then use abstract paintings of vineyards or grapes and wine bottles for decoration or if your restaurant is related to France, then use Eiffel tower as decoration pieces or any other French flag. To make it more appealing you can use wall stickers instead of painting over walls as these are easy to change as per requirements.

If you are serving Mexican food, then you can keep wall arts related to Mexico like paintings of bull fight or bright colors as they are used traditionally in Mexican culture. This will give your customers an experience which is similar to what they expect from a Mexican restaurant. Similarly, if you have a seafood restaurant theme then you can use more blue color and seashells for decoration. This will give your customers an environment where they can enjoy their meal peacefully. Experienced restaurant interior designers Dubai like Seven Zone Designs can help you choose a theme that will appeal to your target audience and match your offerings.

Examples of restaurant themes that are sure to maximize your customer satisfaction:

– Take your customers to the past with a rustic theme.

– Earn a more upscale, sophisticated reputation.

– Make your restaurant happier and brighter.

– Your restaurant should be a destination, not just a meal.

– Take your customers to the future, with a futuristic theme.

– Leave everyone wanting more with an unfinished theme.

– Go green and earn some brownie points for the environment.

Focus on ambience, do not simply decorate it

The purpose is to give a feeling, an experience. Ambience is one of the most important aspects of a successful restaurant. You should know how you want your customers to feel when they enter your restaurant. You should create a unique atmosphere that will make them feel special and welcome. The type of mood that you want to create will depend on what kind of cuisine you are offering. For example, if you have a fast food place, then bright colors and bold designs would be a better choice for your interiors than subtle tones and designs. However, if you have an exclusive fine dining place, then subtle tones and elegant designs would look more appealing. It is important for customers to enjoy the food in its best form and ambience plays an important part in this.

Use your walls instead of covering them up with paintings and unnecessary artifacts

Cover the walls with mirrors and break them up into sections. This way your walls will reflect lights in different directions, creating an illusion of more space. The reflections will also help to make the place brighter.

If you have some high walls, you might want to add some built-in shelves and use those as a way to decorate the area. You can put some goods on the shelves like coffee mugs, small wine bottles, candles, etc. A creative idea would be placing small glass jars filled with coffee beans or salt for cooking or any other ingredient that you frequently use in your kitchen. Make sure that the goods are arranged in a beautiful way.

You can use partitions or screens to create sections in your restaurant. This will make the space look smaller and more intimate. It also makes it easier for you to control the crowd in the restaurant by controlling their access to different areas of the restaurant.

Create a separate bar area for a comfortable experience for bar goers

Many restaurants have combined the bar and dining areas together which is great but not ideal if you have a large crowd waiting at the bar. To help accelerate service and increase customer satisfaction, consider creating a separate area specifically for your bartenders. This prevents customers who just want a drink from getting in the way of those waiting to be seated or served at their table.

Bar area should be designed separately from the main dining hall, so that bar goers can hang around comfortably. They should feel like they don’t have to rush and leave after having a drink or two, but be able to relax and enjoy their time at the bar. Make sure that there are enough seats for everyone in the bar area, and arrange tables in such a way so that it doesn’t feel overcrowded. Plus, it helps keep the noise level down for other patrons. This is important if you want families to visit your place.

Give private places for couples, friends and families for making their own memories in the restaurant

Sectioning is another great way to interior design a restaurant. In restaurants, it is better to divide the space into different sections for serving different purposes. It gives a sense of privacy for the customers and improves your service.

The section can be given for couples, families and friends, so that they can enjoy their time with each other in the restaurant. The section will be private for them and they will be able to make great memories together in your restaurant. So, you should give sectioning for different types of customers.

People who come to dine out at restaurants include people of all ages, backgrounds and tastes. To cater to their needs, give them spaces where they can sit with privacy and enjoy their meals without being disturbed by others.


For example: couples may want to sit together alone and have their meals as per their convenience. Similarly there are friends who might be looking forward to some good time together and also families who would like some space for themselves only so that kids too can enjoy their meals well. Having cabins or special sections will not only help in having more customers but also help them stay longer at the restaurant.

The color scheme should reflect the theme of the restaurant

It is not necessary to repaint the walls according to the food cuisine served in your restaurant. You can take inspiration from your food menu and pick a color palette that serves as a catalyst for appetite and hunger. Always use warm colors because they are more welcoming, as opposed to cool shades that can make people look pale or lifeless. A restaurant’s ambiance depends greatly on the way it is decorated and designed, so pay attention to every single detail you think is relevant to your business.

Interior designers have been using subtle hues of red, orange, brown and yellow to increase the appetite of people on the table; these are bright colors that stimulate the senses and create an appetite in us. If you want your restaurant to be a success, make sure you choose a color scheme wisely by consulting with professional restaurant interior designers Dubai.

Select Your Restaurant Interior Designers Dubai Wisely

It can be hard to find the right person for the job, especially when there are so many options available in the market. But spending some time and research will prove beneficial in finding someone who will understand your requirements and fulfill them accordingly. Make sure that they have experience in designing restaurants and know how to keep guests happy with their surroundings.

We at Seven Zone Interior Designers and Consultants in Dubai are well known for our expertise in designing restaurants and other related establishments. We’ve been designing restaurants for many years now, and we know all the ins and outs of designing a perfect space for your customers to enjoy their meals. We are experts in all aspects of planning, designing, decorating and operating a restaurant business successfully. Ever ready to give you all the solutions that you need for your restaurant business to become successful.