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sevenzonedesignTips for Choosing Your Office Design: A blog about office interior designs that can help you give your work-space a professional and efficient air

Your office space is a vital element of any organization, from your home based business to the biggest companies in the world. It is an important aspect that plays an important role in giving you a professional touch especially if you are working as a freelancer or as an event planner or career consultant. If you’re looking to increase productivity and interaction as well as improve the overall look and feel of your office, there are a variety of strategies to apply. Each strategy is different depending on your space, budget, and other factors.

Choose a specific theme that reflects your company’s personality

Make sure that this theme is the same throughout the entire office, from the reception area to the toilets. Do you want your office to feel modern and clean? Or comfortable and welcoming? Maybe even retro? Pick a theme that matches what you want to communicate to staff, clients and visitors. Think about the size and shape of the space, as well as how it will be used (such as for meetings or collaboration).

For example, if you’re a start-up that specializes in social media or technology, consider going with a modern theme. If you deal in products related to nature and art or crafts, then a more rustic or artistic look might be better suited. Incorporating your company’s brand into the interior design of your office space is also important – either through color schemes or wall art.

Don’t try to mix themes, such as combining elements of retro and minimalist designs in one office space. Choose one style and stick with it throughout the entire office. This makes it easier to choose different elements like furniture and fabric. If you’re in need of inspiration, explore other Office Interior Designers Dubai projects.

Invest in ergonomic office interior designs

Gone are the days of uncomfortable office furniture and overly-large, bulky desks. Modern offices have a certain aesthetic and feel that is both trendy and comfortable. When you’re designing your office, it’s important to consider the ergonomics of your space. Ergonomic design is about making the environment more comfortable for employees and easier for them to do their jobs.

While there are many different types of ergonomic office interior designs, one important aspect of an ergonomic work space is the chair. Seating should be adjustable so that each employee can set their chair height and tilt to their personal preferences; this will help avoid neck pain from looking at monitors at improper angles.

Seating should also have the right amount of support, which differs from person to person, so you may want to offer a choice of seating options. Finally, chairs should be comfortable and easy to move around the office, if necessary; this often calls for incorporating wheels or casters on chairs.

Many of today’s most popular ergonomic designs are also quite stylish, providing a streamlined look that matches contemporary office decor. If you haven’t already replaced your old chairs with newer models, now is the time to do so!

Think about lighting

Lighting is an important interior design element. When choosing the lighting for your office, it’s worth taking the time to plan the system so that it works for you and your employees.

The first thing to consider is what will be done in the space. Will there be a lot of desktop computer work? If so, you’ll want to ensure that all computer monitors are placed away from windows, so that glare doesn’t interfere with employees’ work.

You should also think about how lighting will change during the course of the day. Make sure that light levels don’t become too bright or dim as the day goes on. Your employees should always be able to see their work clearly, without too much strain on their eyes. In addition, you’ll want to avoid glare on computer screens during daylight hours, as this can make it difficult for workers to see their screens properly.

Consider adding task lighting where appropriate. Task lighting is a good idea in areas where people will be doing detailed work such as reading or writing. A desk lamp may be all that’s needed in these situations.

You’ll also need to think about ambient lighting in general spaces such as hallways and break rooms. This should be bright enough to allow people to safely navigate around the space but not so bright.

Have lots of storage space

One of the most important aspects that Luxury Interior Design Dubai try to incorporate the most is storage. As a business owner, you have paperwork (both current and past), and you need to have a place to store all those documents. You can’t have too much storage, whether it is for your personal and business files or your office supplies.

Make sure to use sturdy file cabinets and an appropriate filing system. You might also want to consider getting an additional filing cabinet if your business grows and you’re needing more space.

Choose a futuristic style

Furniture styles come and go, so it’s best not to follow the latest fad. In general, classic looks are the best bet because they tend to last longer. If you need to update later, it’s easier and cheaper to do so if you’re not replacing everything every few years because styles changed.

If you want your office to be impressive 10 years from now, avoid buying everything based on current trends. Instead, choose furnishings in styles that tend to endure, such as:

  • Wooden tables and chairs with clean lines
  • Leather sofas, armchairs and ottomans
  • Modern-looking metal coffee tables
  • Mid-century modern lamps

Use accents that complement your office design

Office design is not just about choosing furniture and arranging it in a way that makes sense; it’s also about choosing accents that add color and style to your workspace. For example, if you have a professional design look in mind, you might want to choose an accent chair in a bold color that complements the rest of your office.

Here are some ideas for using accents to complete your office design

  • Choose accent colors that will blend with your overall color scheme. If you’re using bold colors, choose accents that will provide contrast.
  • Use natural materials, such as wood and stone, to complement the look and feel of your office space.
  • Incorporate artwork and plants into your office design to add visual interest and boost productivity.
  • Make sure the space is versatile.

For offices where meetings are a common occurrence, it’s important to make sure that the space is flexible and can be used in different ways. If you have a large, open plan office and you want to create private spaces for meetings or quiet work, consider using moveable partitions. They allow you to divide up your space in a way that’s convenient for your business. You can also use them as temporary storage when an office renovation is taking place – just remember to put any confidential documentation out of sight!

Choose a color scheme

You can paint the walls in your office, but don’t forget about the colors around you. This includes carpeting, furniture, drapes and other items that make up your office space.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by choosing colors for your office, consider choosing a neutral color for the walls, especially if you have a lot of dark furniture or flooring. Neutral colors are calming and are easy to accent with other colors.

Consider keeping artwork in softer tones as well to help create a sense of calm in your office.

Dark colors can be used to add drama and contrast to an otherwise bland room. Paint one wall in a darker tone than the rest of the room to give it some emphasis.

Integrate technology

In the age of cloud computing, a lot of work is done on laptops and mobile devices. But with the right office furniture design, you can integrate technology in a way that makes your work-space more efficient and functional. This is especially true if you have a lot of people working together in the same space.

For example, tables that have built-in power outlets make it easy for everyone to power up their devices while they’re working together. Storing personal items in lockers and cubbies keeps things neat and reduces clutter, but it can also create a sense of privacy and personal space.

When choosing office furniture, think about how you can use it to make your employees’ lives easier and your business more productive!

Choosing the Right Office Interior Designers Dubai

Choose a specialized interior design firm, offering one-stop solutions for all your commercial interior design requirements. A team of office interior designers Dubai that has been providing services to a wide range of clients across the UAE.

The interior designers should be able to provide services to both small and large businesses, giving them a personal touch at every stage of the project. Seven Zone Interior Designers and Consultants in Dubai team incorporates the latest trends and technologies in their designs and works closely with you to understand your needs and requirements. We also offer 3D visualization services so that you have a fair idea about how your office space will look once our work is completed.


Together, the above are the elements that will have an impact on your office design. Through them, you can increase the appearance and efficiency of your office space to give off a professional and reliable air. Of course, not every element may be appropriate for your workplace. But by balancing the above choices with each other and considering how they will impact your business overall, you can create an office that is comfortable for staff members, impressive to visitors, and inspiring for everyone involved.